Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Among the most important aspects of running your business is the ability to have reporting functions in place to monitor the success of the business, and identify those areas that need improvement. That's why FlexOptical™ built an extensive array of reports, giving you complete control of your business growth in a concise, well thought out, and easy to understand format.

From daily production reports and employee performance evaluations, to inventory turnover and aging, FlexOptical™ gives you the tools to glance at or conduct an in depth analysis of those factors affecting your most critical decision making.

Whether you have a stand alone optical dispensary, or are running a in depth practice management system, FlexOptical™ seamlessly performs the reporting tools necessary for your continued success.



  • Daily Production Summary
  • Optical Financial Analysis By Employee
  • Patient Receipts
  • Patient Encounter Transmittal
  • Patient Statements
  • Spectacle Rx
  • Frame Sales Report
  • Frame Inventory Detail
  • Frame Reorder Report
  • Discontinued Report
  • Frame Credit Reconciliation
  • Contact Lens Sales Item DetailSoft Contact Lens Order
  • Contact Lens Supplier Requisition
  • Top Selling Frames By Collection
  • Frame Inventory Performance Report
  • Purchase Order
  • Patient Ledger
  • Optical Production Summary
  • Revenue Summary By Invoice
  • Bill Code Transaction Summary
  • Optical Job Cost By Patient
  • Optical Lab Cost Summary
  • Patient Recall Production
  • Spectacle Remake - Return Report
  • Report Customization

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